Round Trinket Dish (XL)

Artikelcode: MOSH0602

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Silicone mold for an XL round Trinket Dish. The Trinket Dish has a diameter of 28 cm (11") and it has two layers. The baselayer is 8 mm (1/3") thick and the raised edge is 6 mm (1/4") high. The dish is in total 14 mm (just over 1/2") thick.

The raised edge is along the entire disc 5 mm (1/5") narrower than the baselayer, giving the dish an elegant appearance!

There are also molds for two smaller round Trinket Dishes available, see one of the pictures (for illlustrative purposes, this item is only for the XL round Trinket Dish). The three molds are also available in sets of two or three, for special setprices.