Inlay mold - Holographic Hexagon (M)

Artikelcode: MOSH0281

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Holographic silicone inlay mold, hexagon shaped. The size of the inlay mold is 19 x 22 cm ( 7 1/2" x  8 2/3") and it is appr. 4 mm (1/6") thick. The inlay mold has a holographic color effect, which will transfer to the surface of your Hexagon tray.

The inlay is specifically matched to the size of our 23 cm (9") Medium Hexagon tray (item MOSH0192) and the thickness of this inlay mold makes it easy to create a tray with raised edge, by using that tray mold.

There is also an inlay mold with a honeycomb engraving available, that has the same size, as shown in one of the pictures (for illustrative purposes, this item is only for the Medium sized holographic inlay mold).