Round Geode Coasters

Artikelcode: MOSH0237

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Silicone mold for 4 round Geode coasters. The coasters have the same shape as our round Geode trays, but then smaller, they are 12.5 cm (5") wide and 8 mm (1/3") thick. There is also a mold for a matching coaster holder.

This item is only for the coaster mold, but both the coaster and holder mold are as a set available, for a special setprice.

A set with this coaster mold, the holder mold and a mold for a large round Geode tray of 25 cm (10") is available as well, see one of the pictures (for illustratives purposes, this item is only for the coaster mold).

(Please note that these coasters are not the same as our irregular shaped Geode coasters (item MOSH0054) and they will not fit in the holder for the irregular coasters.)

The Geode coaster mold is also in a holographic version available, for spectacular color effects on the surface of your resin coasters!