Set of 2 molds - Royal Coaster with candle holder

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Set of 2 molds:

  • Royal Coaster XL. This supersized coaster is appr. 14.5 x 17 cm (5 2/3" x 6 2/3") and 1.5 cm ( 3/5") thick.
  • round Tealight Candle Holder. The candle holder is 8 cm (3 1/6") wide and 6 cm (2 1/3") high.

Because of the thickness of the Royal coaster, it's possible to create beautiful resin 3D-flowers in it. The candle holder mold is pretty high and therefore very suitable for pouring flowers, for example.

You can also use acrylic resins with this mold, like JesmoniteHydroflow and Artestone.

 Both molds are also separately available.