Flower Arranger (9 holes) - Holo Broken Glass

Produktcode: MOSH0251

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Silicone mold for a Flower Arranger with a Holographic Broken Glass pattern. The Flower Arranger is 17 cm (6 2/3") wide and the holographic color effect will transfer to the surface of your resin flower arranger.

It's a known 'problem', you sometimes get a nice little bouquet of flowers, but you only have a vase that is too big to put them in. Then this Flower Arranger will be an outcome, because now you will be able to arrange the flowers nicely in that large vase.

This flower arranger mold has 9 holes and the same design is also available in a smooth version, without pattern (one of the pictures shows the smooth version 'in action').

There is also a 'Holo Broken Glass' version with 5 holes available.