Domino (storage) tray

Produktcode: MOSH0232

Verfügbarkeit:Auf Lager

Silicone mold for a tray to store 28 Domino stones, to better prevent them from getting lost. This tray is meant to be used for the 28 Domino stones that are made with our Domino mold, which is also available in the shop. The dimensions of the tray are 21 cm x 25 cm (8 1/3" x 10") and it is in total 1 cm (2/5") thick. 

The tray has two layers, one for the decorative border, which is 6 mm (1/4") thick and a second layer of 4 mm (1/6") for the baseplate. The baseplate has a decorative pattern engraved into it.

The tray mold and the Domino stones mold are also as a set available, for a special setprice.