Cake stand (L) - Peacock Mandala

Produktcode: MOSH0146

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Silicone mold for a large cake stand, engraved with the Peacock Mandala. The cake stand is 30 cm (11 4/5") wide and 8 mm (1/3") thick. The center has a hole of 6 mm (1/4") for the cakestand hardware, so no need to drill a hole.

The large cake stand mold is part of our 'Peacock Mandala' design line, in which besides this mold are also two smaller cake stands (to make a 2-tier or 3-tier cake stand), a set of four coasters, a coaster holder and a set of 8 medallions, as shown in some of the pictures (for illustrative purposes, this item is only for the large cake stand mold).

This mold is also available in several sets, for a special setprice