Clock numbers - multiple sets

Produktcode: MOSH0229

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Silicone mold for four different sets of clock numbers, one of which is for the Roman numerals 1 to 12. All numbers are 35 mm (1 2/5") tall and 5 mm (1/5") thick. The mold itself is 33,6 x 34 cm (13 1/4" x 13 2/5").

There are also 12 rhombuses, 12 dots, 12 bars with a straight end and 12 bars with a rounded end present, which gives you many options for a personalized clock.

The size of the numbers are perfect for our XL round disc mold and the XL round Geode tray mold, both 35.5 cm (14") wide, 10 mm (2/5") thick and separately available in the shop.