Set of 3 molds - Heart shaped coasters with holder and large tray

Code produit: MOSH0418

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Three silicone molds for:

  • set of 4 Heart shaped coasters. The coasters are 14.5 cm (5 7/10") wide. 13.5 cm (5 1/3") tall and 8 mm (1/3") thick.
  • a mold that can be used to make a holder for the coasters and also a small Heart shaped tray. The heart is 18 cm (7") wide, 17 cm (6 3/4") tall and 8 mm (1/3") thick.
    The two small hearts are meant to be used as stands on the tray, to create a holder for the heart shaped coasters and they can for instance be fixed with glue, resin or in a toplayer.
  • a large Heart shaped tray. The tray is 30 cm (12") wide, 27.8 cm (11")  tall and 8 mm (1/3") thick.

All molds are also available separately.