Set of 3 molds - Cute Christmas Coasters with holder and tray

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Three silicone molds for:
  • a set of four Cute Christmas coasters. The coasters are 10 cm ( 4") wide, 8 mm (1/3") thick and they are engraved with a bunch of cute Christmas figures.
  • a matching holder. You insert the legs of the holder from the bottomside through the slots of the base plate and you can fix them with a drop of glue or (UV) resin so that it becomes a solid piece (Tip: place the holder upside down, so that the legs will hang vertically while the glue or resin is drying).
  • large Cute Christmas tray. The tray is 30 cm (12") wide and 8 mm (1/3") thick.

Note: do not apply too thick a dome layer on the legs of the holder, because then they will no longer fit through the slots.

The figures in these molds present themself also in 12 cute Christmas ornaments, for which we have a mold available separately.