Round Crushed Ice Inlay mold (9"- wavy edge)

Code produit: MOSH0103

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Silicone Inlay mold with a Crushed Ice pattern and a Wavy edge. The mold is 22.5 cm (9") wide and 2 - 5 mm (1/12" - 1/5") thick. The inlay mold can be used in any other silicone mold which is at least 8 mm (1/3") thick and it is a perfect match for our 25 cm (10") large Geode tray and plain round molds, see the pictures (for illustrative purposes, this item is only for the inlay mold).

There is also a 15.5 cm (6") version of this inlay mold available and both molds can also be purchased as a set.