Holographic inlay mold - 4 hearts

Code produit: MOSH0420

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Set of 4 silicone Holographic inlay molds, in the shape of a heart. Each heart is 13.3 cm (5 1/4") wide, 11.8 cm (4 2/3") tall and appr. 5 mm (1/5") thick.

These inlay molds are especially designed for our heart shaped coaster mold, which is available separately. Because the inlay molds are appr. 5 mm thick, the result will be a heart shaped coaster with a raised edge.

The molds have a holographic color effect, which  will transfer to the surface of your resin hearts. Please be aware that when you pour a finishing (top) layer over the holographic piece, the holographic effect will be gone! We therefore advise not to use a top coat.