Set of 2 molds - Rough & Tough round coasters with tray

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Two silicone molds for:

  • a set of two round coasters with rough sides. The coasters have a diameter of 12.5 cm (5") and they are 12 mm (1/2") thick. The flat surface of each coaster is about 9 cm (3 1/2"). 
  • a round tray with rough sides. The tray has a diameter of 22.5 cm (9") and it is 12 mm (1/2") thick.

These two molds are thick and rough, and still have a shiny surface! Perfect to create a rock-solid set of coasters and tray that will be a beautiful decoration on any table. With your creativity and inspiration, the possibilities with Resin and Acrylic Resin are endless. Don't be afraid to get rough and tough with these molds, let your imagination run wild!

We also have other Rough & Tough molds available, for coasters and trays that all have the same beaten-up look and feel.