Set of 3 molds - pizza Geode coasters with holder and round tray

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Set of three silicone molds. The set consists of a mold for four triangular (pizza) Geode coasters, the holder mold for these coasters and a round Geode tray.
  • The rectangular sides of the coasters are 12,5 cm (5") long and they are 8 mm (1/3") thick.
  • The tray is 25 cm (10") wide and 10 mm (2/5") thick.
  • The base plate of the holder is 8 mm (1/3") thick and there are two supports to keep the coasters in place. They can be attached to the base plate with glue or with a few drops of resin. And they can also be fixed in a final resin layer. The supports are 40 mm (1 3/5") tall and a paper template will be supplied to position them exactly. 
The molds are also separately available.