We make all molds to order, please allow us 5 to 7 working days to make and ship your molds.

What can you expect in the coming days and weeks?

Since mid December we have been working hard to get the webshop up and running. And we achieved our own set goal of going live today. That doesn't mean that we are going to relax now. Nope, there is still enough content to be added, like pictures and videos. And new molds of course

We already added a few molds in the shop which were not shown yet on our Facebook page (see the tab 'New Molds') and other new molds will be released  later today. 

Then we have some molds that are almost finished and will be in the shop in a few days. Think of inlay molds, a few special trays and some crystal molds (I hate the word druzy). And we are going to start a line of slate-like molds.

So there is still plenty of work to do. We also like to listen to your wishes and if you want, you can leave a comment in this blog.


Dawn Miller March 14, 2021

I saw a coaster set on youtube that was made with a Mandala look had a coaster holder you could make to hold coasters want to know where I can purchase the mold it is a silicone mold used for Resin can’t seem to find it wondered if you do or who?

Jacqueline van der Meer March 21, 2021

Met “toeval” jullie gevonden!
Wat een mooie website, je wordt er hebberig van!

Stephanie Bender April 29, 2021

Could you please list your prices in English. And list shipping.

John Coles June 22, 2021

Is there any likelihood of you making switch plate covers for the American market,

Thanks, John Coles

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